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Coffee Shop Curator: Joshua Korenblat at Modern Times Coffeehouse

Writer and artist Joshua Korenblat shares the process behind his portraiture (made on an iPhone!), his local and cross-cultural influences, and the definition of his word “mallardine.” (Hint: What are ducks’ most admirable qualities?)


Peepin’ in Windows

Nothing inspires creativity quite like a package of Peeps in the springtime. These three seasonal window displays showcase the marshmallow bunnies and chicks in fatigues, fancy hats, as cherry blossoms, and more.


The DC Flag in Local Art and Design (Part 2!)

The image of the DC flag is on our street signs, city service vehicles, and license plates. It is also on our flasks, bar soaps, wedding cake toppers, acrylic paintings, and of course, skin. Many designers and artists have embraced the three stars and two bars as a source of pride, demonstration, and design love. I first rounded up a collection of flag-inspired items in this post, but why stop there?


Literary Nostalgia

In the days leading up to kindergarten, I had one book read to me so many times that I memorized it and then tried to convince my family that I could read. This charade was apparently in response to my anxiety about starting school.


The Convention Center’s Couture

Dresses and suits made of broken dishes, vases, newspapers and other materials are on display as part of the Windows into DC program. Each creation is based on a District neighborhood. For instance, the newspaper dress portrays Capitol Hill and the broken china is…yes, Chinatown.


The DC Flag in Local Art and Design

Whether representing District pride, decrying a lack of voting rights, or channeling a creative muse, local artists and designers showcase the DC flag all over the city. And with Flag Day upon us, what better time to highlight some of these stars-and-bars creations?

Predator 3

Dupont Sculptures: The Guardians of New Hampshire Avenue

I walk by this predator on New Hampshire Avenue near R street most days on my way home from work.

Cassette Fiower

Can Tab Chairs, Cassette Tape Bouquets, and Re-purposing at Artomatic

Artomatic– “D.C.’s biggest creative event”–brings together the works of more than 1,000 artists throughout an 11-story building. Its inclusive philosophy creates an environment where anyone from professional artists to everyday hobbyists can exhibit side-by-side. I am a fan of the event and its art chaos (even with the surprising amount of severed doll heads on display).


Meet the Neighbors: the EU Open House

As soon as the folk trio played the song’s last note and dancing in the courtyard came to a stop, one of our hosts grabbed a microphone and began the next phase of entertainment:  a game of “How Well Do You Know Lithuania?” It turns out I don’t know Lithuania very well, but I certainly […]