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Ring the “Abolition Bell”

  I’ve lived within Sunday-morning earshot of All Souls Unitarian Church for years without ever knowing that I was not hearing an ordinary church bell. For starters, Paul Revere’s son, Joseph Revere, cast the bell in 1822.  (Paul Revere also made bells–fitting, considering his historical claim to fame). Church mythology has it that D.C. used the […]


Before the Drum Circle: Early Images of Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park

Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park on a Sunday afternoon is dotted with picnics, slacklines, card-players, sun-bathers, hammocks, yoga practice, and a bevy of recreational sports (with eager neighborhood children joining in on almost all of them). And, of course, the drum circle. In the 1930s and 40s, however, the park hosted outdoor plays instead of percussion jams.

Photo by Flickr user straw sandals

A Brief Cultural Study of Hooters

I wrote this after visiting the Hooters in Chinatown in college –my first (and only) time at one of the restaurants. Yes, this is a little old, but I found Hooters to be a pretty timeless topic.


The DC Flag in Local Art and Design

Whether representing District pride, decrying a lack of voting rights, or channeling a creative muse, local artists and designers showcase the DC flag all over the city. And with Flag Day upon us, what better time to highlight some of these stars-and-bars creations?


Photo Gallery: Capital Pride

This year’s Capital Pride parade was its usual mix of messaging and support from businesses, organizations, politicians, and LGBT groups, combined with some raucous fun and instances of near-nudity.


Photo Gallery: Prayer Parade

The worshipers were trumpeters, trombonists, and sousaphonists. Cheerleaders, color guard members, ladies twirling umbrellas. Drummers, singers, cymbal-players. Young children, senior citizens, and everyone in between. They came from all over the country to their church’s national headquarters for an annual Memorial Day weekend celebration, including a parade that marched around the Mt. Vernon Square and […]

Head Roc 1

Father-Daughter Rhymes: Hip-hop in the park

Local hip-hop artist Head-Roc was in Malcolm X/Meridian Hill Park on Saturday performing tracks from his Empower DC project, including one with his daughter about making childcare more accessible. His social issue-centered work focuses on struggles of the low- and moderate-income communities, such as under-funded schools and lack of affordable housing. In “DC Doesn’t Work Without […]