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Photo by Flickr user Mr. T in DC

Our Very Literary City

There has been plenty of to-do about DC serving as a backdrop for some of the most popular TV shows of the season. (A story backdrop, if not a real backdrop.) After launching last March, a new program called DC By the Book from the DC Public Library has been cataloging the district’s appearances in other fictional stories.


Ring the “Abolition Bell”

  I’ve lived within Sunday-morning earshot of All Souls Unitarian Church for years without ever knowing that I was not hearing an ordinary church bell. For starters, Paul Revere’s son, Joseph Revere, cast the bell in 1822.  (Paul Revere also made bells–fitting, considering his historical claim to fame). Church mythology has it that D.C. used the […]

Horrible Adorables

Taking the Death out of Taxidermy

Dead animal decor isn’t your thing? Me neither. I didn’t have the same cringe response though when I saw Horrible Adorables and other taxidermy immitators at Crafty Bastards Arts & Crafts Fair on Saturday.


The Convention Center’s Couture

Dresses and suits made of broken dishes, vases, newspapers and other materials are on display as part of the Windows into DC program. Each creation is based on a District neighborhood. For instance, the newspaper dress portrays Capitol Hill and the broken china is…yes, Chinatown.


A Bit of Buckingham Palace in DC

If you’ve been watching the Olympics as much as I have, you’ve probably seen your fair share of Buckingham Palace aerial shots. The palace footage, in addition to the close-ups of William, Kate, and Harry as spectators and the Queen welcoming the world, reminded me that I recently saw some royal plant life growing in DC.


All the Neighborhood’s a Stage

Midcity Dog Days, the annual event highlighting the shops, restaurants, venues, and other cultural destinations of the 14th and U street area, is known primarily as a sidewalk sale. While I saw many lovely items over the weekend, I especially enjoyed the sidewalk stages.


Before the Drum Circle: Early Images of Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park

Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park on a Sunday afternoon is dotted with picnics, slacklines, card-players, sun-bathers, hammocks, yoga practice, and a bevy of recreational sports (with eager neighborhood children joining in on almost all of them). And, of course, the drum circle. In the 1930s and 40s, however, the park hosted outdoor plays instead of percussion jams.


Happy National Pollinator Week and Vanilla Milkshake Day!: The Many “Holidays” Celebrated in DC

In the past few months, DC establishments have celebrated National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, National Day of Puppetry, and National Bourbon Day. Last week alone hosted events for National Pollinator Week and National Vanilla Milkshake Day. DC spots seem to celebrate any day of recognition that comes along. After all, if a ‘national day of something’ isn’t acknowledged in the nation’s capital, then what good is it anyway?


The DC Flag in Local Art and Design

Whether representing District pride, decrying a lack of voting rights, or channeling a creative muse, local artists and designers showcase the DC flag all over the city. And with Flag Day upon us, what better time to highlight some of these stars-and-bars creations?


Photo Gallery: Capital Pride

This year’s Capital Pride parade was its usual mix of messaging and support from businesses, organizations, politicians, and LGBT groups, combined with some raucous fun and instances of near-nudity.