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Ring the “Abolition Bell”

  I’ve lived within Sunday-morning earshot of All Souls Unitarian Church for years without ever knowing that I was not hearing an ordinary church bell. For starters, Paul Revere’s son, Joseph Revere, cast the bell in 1822.  (Paul Revere also made bells–fitting, considering his historical claim to fame). Church mythology has it that D.C. used the […]


Where Do Murals Go When They Die?

Murals that have deteriorated or been the casualties of real estate development are in danger of being the city’s forgotten art. An online resource started in 2010, however, may give these public artworks a final resting place.


The Local Roots of One of the First Lady Photographers

Frances Benjamin Johnston traveled the country capturing public and private gardens, more than 1,000 of which were recently digitized on the Library of Congress’ web site. Curiosity about whether she had photographed any DC gardens led me to peruse the online images, where I discovered that she not only took lots of local photos, but was a local herself.


Public Art Meets Home Design

The 13 sculptures within about four blocks in Foggy Bottom are displayed for all to see–just don’t get too close or you may be trespassing. The works have been temporarily installed in the front yards/stoops/patios of homes in the neighborhood, creating an experience of public art in private spaces.

Adams Morgan. Photo by me.

Resting Places: 20 Interesting Images of City Benches

All of the national and city parks, museums, and other public spaces in D.C. means that our city offers an incredible amount of benches. Whether playing with the benches’ lines, capturing a scene of someone using them, or hinting at a bigger story, local photographers have shot compelling images of these resting places.


A Bit of Buckingham Palace in DC

If you’ve been watching the Olympics as much as I have, you’ve probably seen your fair share of Buckingham Palace aerial shots. The palace footage, in addition to the close-ups of William, Kate, and Harry as spectators and the Queen welcoming the world, reminded me that I recently saw some royal plant life growing in DC.

Predator 3

Dupont Sculptures: The Guardians of New Hampshire Avenue

I walk by this predator on New Hampshire Avenue near R street most days on my way home from work.


Meet the Neighbors: the EU Open House

As soon as the folk trio played the song’s last note and dancing in the courtyard came to a stop, one of our hosts grabbed a microphone and began the next phase of entertainment:  a game of “How Well Do You Know Lithuania?” It turns out I don’t know Lithuania very well, but I certainly […]