Flag paintings at Eastern Market by Jackson Collins Art.

Curious District covers encounters with local culture and design in Washington, D.C. The blog’s first post–written with the help of Eleanor Roosevelt and Albert Einstein–serves as an introduction.

About me: I am a writer, editor, and media-maker who works in print, digital, and video. I have written for the Washington Post, Washingtonian Magazine, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and GW Magazine. I most enjoy covering the city environment and social issues. (More on this at caitlinacarroll.com).

I enjoy being a D.C. resident and have lived here for nearly a decade. Some of my favorite local activities include reading magazines in parks and coffee shops, attending public art gallery openings/documentary screenings/miscellaneous cultural events, sampling food and drink around town, enjoying nature in Rock Creek Park, and looking around vintage/consignment/thrift stores and markets.

Thanks for visiting!

-Caitlin Carroll

P.S. This is a personal blog–all views are mine.

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  1. Jen R. · · Reply

    What an awesome idea for a blog!! I can’t wait for the next post!

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