Our Very Literary City

Photo by Flickr user Mr. T in DC

Photo by Flickr user Mr. T in DC

There has been plenty of  to-do about DC serving as a backdrop for some of the most popular TV shows of the season. (A story backdrop, if not a real backdrop.)

After launching last March, a new program called DC By the Book from the DC Public Library has been cataloging the district’s appearances in other fictional stories.  The online portal is a destination for people to search–and add their own–DC spottings in works of fiction.

The goal: “to highlight and crowd-source passages from the (largely undiscovered) rich body of literature set in DC that illuminate its social and geographic history,” says the program’s website.

On the site, you can search by address, zip code, and neighborhood to find a map of passages from books set in DC. When I searched some nearby neighborhoods, I found writing that mentioned Malcolm X Park, Clifton Terrace Apartments, and Pierce Park. Try it–it’s pretty fun. Maybe even more fun than attempting to identify every scene in the House of Cards opening. (The liquor store is on North Cap, right?)


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