Peepin’ in Windows


A mustachioed Peep at Miss Pixie’s

Nothing inspires creativity quite like a package of Peeps in the springtime.

These three seasonal window displays showcase the marshmallow bunnies and chicks in fatigues, fancy hats, as cherry blossoms, and more:

Miss Pixie’s


The vintage furniture and decor store Miss Pixie’s brought in David Ottogalli, a self-proclaimed Peeps artist, to construct its window display. He  and a crew fashioned thousands of Peeps–more than 4,100 according to his website–into garlands,  cherry blossoms, and what looked like a Japanese garden sculpture made of Peeps.


Ottogalli, whose online bio says he is “obsessed with artificially colored food,” has been making Peeps art since the early 1990s . Miss Pixie’s sold the garlands for $10 each to benefit We Are Family DC.

The Washington Post


The five finalists in the Washington Post’s seventh annual Peeps diorama contest, Peeps Show VII, are on display at the newspaper’s 15th and L street office. Each year, District residents come up with an impressive variety of clever and intricately constructed Peeps-centric scenes. This year, I was especially drawn to the funeral service for Twinkie, but I’ll always have a fondness for local scenes like the line at the Black Cat , a finalist last year.

(I talked to two diorama-makers last year about this raucous Halloween in Georgetown entry. Regarding the intricate construction involved, one said, “It’s really hard to paint chest hair on a Peep.”)

Chocolate Moose


Proclaiming “TELL YOUR PEEPS EASTER IS EARLY THIS YEAR,” quirky gift shop Chocolate Moose is pimping out its Peeps merchandise in a spring window display featuring bunny and chick screens and over-sized Peeps figures.

What kind of other Peeps craftiness did I miss? Let us know in the comments or in an email.

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