The DC Flag in Local Art and Design (Part 2!)


Photo by Flickr user RYANISLAND

The image of the DC flag is on our street signs, city service vehicles, and license plates. It is also on our flasks, bar soaps, wedding cake toppers, acrylic paintings, and of course, skin.

Many designers and artists have embraced the three stars and two bars as a source of pride, demonstration, and design love. I first rounded up a collection of flag-inspired items in this post, but why stop there?

Eight more flag-adorned creations:

1. Stationary and Prints by Grey Moggie


You will never need to send a non-neighborhood specific notecard again. Stationary from Grey Moggie photographed at Adams Morgan Day.


DC flag print from Grey Moggie. Can’t see the detail in the bars? Look below!


Close-up on the print. Conveniently alphabetized.


2. Murals by Local Artists and Youth

Local youth and artists teamed up for these two murals, which are part of the city’s Murals DC project that combats graffiti and beautifies spaces. This one is in Deanwood at 4748 Sheriff Road NE. Image from Murals DC

Love the flag deconstruction in this one. Mural named “Building Together” at an alley near 17th and Columbia NW. Image from Mural Locator

3. Tote Bags and Sweatshirts from DC Vote

DC Vote’s Cafe Press store has all of the stick-it-to-the-man merchandise you could ask for. More here.

4. Pillows by Fritz & Fraulein


It should come as no surprise that I am an admirer of repurposed goods. These pillows by Fritz & Fraulein are made from military blankets.

5. Belt Buckles Made From Broken Skateboards by Mukee


It should be noted that the creator of these belt buckles made from reclaimed skateboards–along with the pillow-maker above–is not a local, but geez they know how to appeal to our flag affinity when they visit for art festivals.

6. Prints by Itty Bitty Press


Their deal at Crafty Bastards: buy a Jukebox the Ghost print (below) or another that suits your fancy and get a flag print by Itty Bitty Press! Otherwise, the flag print is available on the online store.


7. Lincoln Restaurant Interior by Maggie O’Neill

What, you haven’t been to Lincoln to have a drink, but mostly to look at the floor-o’-pennies and flag on the wall made from the same coinage? Check it out. Photo from Face Magazine

8. DC Baseball Flag Tee by WDC Tees

Loving both this city AND baseball got a whole lot easier last year. Celebrate both with this t-shirt design from I Love Washington DC’s WDC Tees.

What am I missing? Leave a comment or email


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  2. this is just too awesome.Thanks for this post!

    1. Caitlin Carroll · · Reply

      Thank you for reading!

  3. […] do many other business as mentioned in the linked article above and on these Curious District blog posts. Just last weekend DC United fans displayed a card-block flag in the stands (DC Sports Bog, The […]

  4. Great post and nice finds. I’ve just started a blog around this idea called “The Other Stars and Stripes”. Basically it will be a blog showing examples of the flag being used all around the city. You being a talented blogger, if you have any suggestions let me know. It’s so great to see people excited about the flag these days and hope the passion continues.

  5. […] was writing a post last spring about the DC flag in local art and design for my blog Curious District. In the course of my research, I ran across The […]

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