Public Art Meets Home Design

The sculpture ALFALFA ROOT AT 4.5 MONTHS OLD by Dalya Luttwalk scales up the exterior of a home on 26th street.

The 13  sculptures within about four blocks in Foggy Bottom are displayed for all to see–just don’t get too close or you may be trespassing. The works have been temporarily installed in the front yards/stoops/patios of homes in the neighborhood, creating an experience of public art in private spaces.

From a three-story high traffic cone tower, to a bright root scaling the exterior of a home, to video projections and interactive pieces, all works are visible from the sidewalk. The curator of the Third Biennial Foggy Bottom Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit Laura Roulet writes that the project is “meant to shake up expectations of what outdoor sculpture can be” in her curator’s statement.

I first noticed the sculptures while taking a lunchtime stroll one recent weekday. The cone tower took me off guard, and I slowly started to notice other works before picking up a brochure on the sidewalk. 

Fifteen artists contributed to the exhibit, which is running through October 20. You can look at an online map of where the works are located or pick one up in the neighborhood.

CONE TOWER #3 by Pat McGowan features molded and connected traffic cones ascending three stories high.




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