The DC Flag in Local Art and Design

Photo by Flickr User Mr. T in DC

Whether representing District pride, decrying a lack of voting rights, or channeling a creative muse, local artists and designers showcase the DC flag all over the city.

And with Flag Day upon us, what better time to highlight some of these stars-and-bars creations?

Below, 10 pieces of DC flag art and design, from paintings and apparel to bar soap, flasks, and wedding cake toppers:

“People of DC dig it.” -Gregory Jackson-Collins, painter

Jackson Collins Art

Gregory Jackson-Collins’ large DC flag paintings practically mark the entrance to Eastern Market on weekends. His display area is the first one visitors see as they come down the street from Pennsylvania Avenue.

He said the DC flag has become a “fascination” for him. “There are so many things you can do with it. You can play with it. But the really cool thing about it is that it sort of energizes the DC public,” he said. “People of DC dig it.”

Liz Hutcheson, Fast Snail

Liz Hutcheson makes a variety of DC flag goods in addition to this flask, such as these cake and cupcake toppers featuring a DC flag wedding cake:

Her designs are available at Pulp on 14th Street NW and even more be-flagged creations are on her website.

Derek Kennedy, Pop Co

Another Eastern Market vendor, Derek Kennedy of Pop Co, sells a variety of DC flag t-shirts along with other District-themed shirts and tote bags.

Design on one of Pop Co’s t-shirt pockets.

The shirts are also available at Politics and Prose Bookstore and Mustard Seed, a new/used/vintage clothing store in Bethesda.

Rachel Pfeffer Designs

Rachel Pfeffer sells her “delightfully quirky handmade jewelry,” like this flag necklace, at Ginger Root Design on U Street and Proper Topper in Dupont Circle.

This necklace is also featured on, which showcases an impressive collection of DC flag tattoos. (Last year marked the first DC Flag Tattoo Day: Flag Day in the Flesh and inked statehood supporters are again being called to Dupont Circle this year for a tattoo flash mob. This Washington Post story gives a brief cultural history of the popular tattoos).

(Photo from Ginger Root)

The DC Flag Bar

Not enough flag images in your bathroom? Lathering up with this vegan DC flag soap bar can fix that. While it isn’t made locally, it is sold locally at Pulp (the purveyor of the flag flask above). The soap-makers are Chicagoans who started with Chicago municipal city flag bars and decided to “salute the nation’s capital” with this DC soap.

IPO Lifestyle

Local clothing company IPO Lifestyle makes this DC Feather Flag tee, which is both a nod to their District roots and influenced by the saying “birds of a feather flock together.” The company was started in 2009 by two Howard grads.

(Photo from IPO Lifestyle)

Lil DC
6th Annual Upshur market was a blast. Thanks to everyone who visited our Lil DC table!

Not to leave the city’s smallest residents out, Lil DC makes flag-adorned onesies and shirts for DC tots. The clothing line is run by a “District-based seamstress and mom.” More on her Etsy page.

(Photo from Lil DC Tumblr)

With its simple, balanced design, it’s no surprise that the flag is a popular choice for local artists and designers. As added evidence, check out local food blog Metrocurean‘s round-up of District restaurants, bars, and breweries incorporating the flag into their logos.

There are a lot of other flag works out there–these 10 are just a small taste. What other DC flag designs do you know of?

Read The DC Flag in Local Art and Design (Part 2!) here.


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